An Inclusive Feedback Management System

Collaborates easily with other employees for quick solutions!

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UserRules allows the Admin users to define the distinct categories for the system which fits into their business process. An employee can be assigned to address multiple feedbacks and also a continual interaction is facilitated between the assigned employee and the respective user.

Spams, Public & Private Feedback

Dashboard Users can mark their feedbacks as Spam. There is also a feature that enables them to mark specific feedbacks as Private or Public. Private Feedbacks would not be displayed on Public Forum.

Export Feedback

If you like your feedback on paper, you can always export them into your favorite format. Additionally, it allows you to bulk update these feedbacks with changes and import them back in excel format.

User Details

Every feedback has certain set of implicit data that is recorded by the system, which can be managed by the script to be included in the widget. Some of our clients have found this feature very useful in order to discover why particular customer is facing certain problem.

Feedback Notes

Employee can also add notes to the posted feedback. Notes are for internal communication and are not visible on public forum.

Reply to Feedback

Employee using the Dashboard can work with the one who reported the feedback and communicate too very smoothly. Once the reply is posted to the user's feedback, it becomes visible on the public forum.

Similar Feedback

There's also a category where similar feedback with the earlier resolutions made are easily located. This feature can avoid typing duplicate replies and helps you save your precious time.

Use Canned or Similar Replies

All similar replies given to different users are saved for any future reference. UserRules makes your job easier with just one click and you don't have to hurt your fingers by re-typing similar replies to different users for similar feedback.

Also, you can always create a set canned replies to be used over & again.

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