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Facebook Fan Page

More than 500 Million actively use FaceBook and 50% Log On to FaceBook in any given day. Looking at the statistics, it's advisable to engage your customers in that range on a regular basis. Hence, UserRules has a distinct feature that directly links to your FaceBook Page and your followers can willingly use the platform to share their feedback.

So we have a facebook application which you can add as tab on you Facebook Fan Page and your fans can start sharing their feedback right from facebook. See it in action

Feedback Widget

Your fans can use our special widget with a theme to give feedback in four different categories, vis-a-vis, Ideas, Questions, Issues, Praise. This allows you to identify your users for, there is no further authorization required to start the conversation. They may also find out any related post to vote up or leave their comments.

Feedback List

The feedbacks made public by administrator are visible on your fan page, and participants can vote or share their comments accordingly.

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