Seamlessly integrates with any external systems
(e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, etc.)

helps you export and track your feedback!

Easy Integration

UserRules enables companies to use different software systems for their different Sub-Divisions, located anywhere in the world and provides easy integration solutions.

This will make it easier for companies to use UserRules without paying a significant cost of replacing current establishments and redefining the organization process.

Create Ticket in external systems

UserRules will manage feedback collection and communication. Further execution of flows might include developing some feature in your product or creating cases in sophisticated CRM systems.

Once the integration is configured in the UserRules admin section, the translation of a feedback into a ticket would be effortlessly done. This will make communication within departments much smoothly and swiftly.

UserRules maintains the progressive information on a given feedback or task and updates company employees.

Inline action to Add

UserRules also helps you convert your feedback into tasks within various systems like JIRA, BaseCamp, Bugzilla, Redmine etc. from within the system.

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