White-label your community page

convey the same brand image to your customers!


Swap your company name written in plain text with your logo on both your Admin Portal and Public Forum.

Domain Aliasing

We allow companies to map their own custom domains to UserRules. You can have urls like feedback.yourcompany.com so that your users never need to know details of the other systems involved. Read more in Developer Notes

Change the Look & Feel

Using CSS, custom headers and footer area of the application, UserRules lets you customize the entire application with your branding and themes. UserRules therefore helps you maintain the consistency not just within the organization but with customers too. See it in action

Custom Fields

Every company has its unique flow that needs different field for making feedback relevant to the respective needs. Users will be shown these additional fields in Feedback Widget to capture data that's unique to your organization.

Branded Emails

Email templating feature makes it possible for the company to make sure that the emails sent from the UserRules are consistent with the brand and theme of the company.

Further, the template allows companies to create the choice of words, fitting their customer needs.

Single Sign-on

UserRules can be used in a corporate environment where authentication is handled by a different system. With Single Sign-on feature you can pass on tokens to UserRules where automatically logged-in users are assigned into the system. This improves the customer experience significantly as they can interact with the public in the forum and give feedback almost instantly. Read more in Developer Notes

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