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Public Feedback

The feedback made Public by company administrators are visible on their community page. The content on these pages are subject to search engine optimization.

When all the constructive feedback is being well received by a company in making the product better, a public forum will automatically attract new customers and retain existing customers too.

Feedback List

An Idea being implemented, a Question left answered, an Issue to be resolved or a Praise that gets acknowledged, all feedback gets aggregated under one roof. When a company's community page accumulates all such feedback to help the existing or new customers with reliable and transparent information or updates, they only go back happy and satisfied.

An active community support is always encouraging for its users, as it conveys continuous growth of the company.

Give Feedback

The public forum can also act as another medium for users to give feedback. Sporting a feedback widget here assures customers that the company is leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to them.

Also you can put a feedback widget on your website to allow your users to give feedback. Read more in Developer Notes

Feedback Detail

A feedback landing page is a place where the interaction happening between the company employee and users working together is visible and whatever plan of action is identified gets acknowledged.

Vote, Follow a feedback

Users can vote for a particular feedback and help the company understand its criticality or importance.

Another important feature here is that users can follow up religiously on a particular feedback and UserRules can revert with updates whenever any activity is being performed on it.

Various Login Options

Though anonymous feedback is encouraged, companies can switch off that feature to identify their users. UserRules relatively provides various login options that allows them to log-in with their respective accounts on our system or OpenId (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter)

Even if a user chooses none of these options, dropping just an email would also do, to allow you to get back to them.

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