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“If you don't care, your customer never will” - Marlene Blaszczyk

Why UserRules?

  • For an effective feedback management System
  • High-end data analysis
  • To convert your dollars into winning hearts
  • Increased customer base

UserRules Customer Feedback Management

We know that a product's long-term success largely depends on,

  • Quality of feedback collected
  • Instant access to the feedback by the organization
  • Size & background of the audience giving feedback

The Stone Age - Marketing teams collect feedback from a captive or a small sample sized targeted client space. They, in turn, provide this feedback to the product (or service) development team, often giving their own spin to the feedback. Once released, the feedback process is not as quick and accurate as desired. Further, improvements to the product are outdated or worse still, out of tune with the actual feedback garnered from the customers.

The UserRules age realizes that in the current Web 2.0 enabled world, it is imperative that you collate your feedback using a tool which offers functions of collaboration, searching, rating your customer with additional functional analysis, continuous follow-ups and share feedback. UserRules thus offers a one-stop destination uniquely designed for all customer-centric resolutions.

Product Features - A quick Glance

Comprehensive Feedback Management System

A special admin forum created for you to manage your feedback effectively. You can reply to your users, make internal notes and effectively track the progress. There are pre-defined filters to avoid any spam, junks etc. This feedback can be open to Public Forums to seek mixed opinions and suggestions. The idea that a company values its customer's feedback will further attract new customers & retain the existing ones. (The content on these pages are subject to Search Engine Optimizations)

Easy Integration

UserRules seamlessly integrates with external systems like JIRA, Bugzilla etc. and enables companies to use different software systems without replacing current establishments or organization processes in the most cost-effective manner.


You may choose to preserve the consistency with your brand image on the community page by customizing various styles.

Google Analytics

Another unique feature that UserRules claims is the way the product helps you fetch the data from your website's Google Analytics account and reflects the details of the user's interaction. Companies can use this information to assess and analyze the user's significance & take further course of action. The data will be shown across various dimensions including site-visits, transactions, revenues and conversion rates. Based on the usage pattern of various dimensions, a company can provide a better experience of the similar users.

On Social Networking Platforms

More than 500 Million actively use FaceBook and 50% Log On to FaceBook in any given day. Looking at the statistics, it's advisable to engage your customers in that range. Hence, UserRules has a distinct application that can directly link to your FaceBook Page and your followers can willingly use the platform to share their feedback.

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