1. Passing user's information

The first step is to pass required information to UserRules. These all params need to be passed in URL.

field type required? default options description
uid String yes A unique identifier for the user (ex: the user_id in your system).
un String yes User Display Name
uem String yes User Email, required for user to be updated on his feedbacks
uimg String User Image Url, This will be used to show images from your systems
sso String yes true Always pass value true.
companyShortName String yes Your company's short name registered with UserRules.

2. Create a Signature

Next, we'll need a way to ensure that you sent this request. It will need another parameter sign which you can generate using your API Key (you can get your API Key from My Company -> Settings -> Advanced Settings).

  • Create a string like this "uid=" + uid + "&un=" + un + "&uem=" + uemail + "&uimg=" + uimg
  • You will create a Hmac-SHA1 hash based signature for this string.
  • Base64 encode the encrypted output to generate the token.
Base64 Encode

The next step is to append the signature to UserRules using a sign request parameter. sign has to be last request parameter in order for it to work.

3. Sample SSO Request

We have created a live demo sample request which will show how your request should look like in the end.

Sample Request:

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